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Two Diamonds
A Gem Talk in Morphée's World

In the enchanting heart of Brussels, where antiquity meets sophistication, a captivating event is set to unfold. A gathering of gem enthusiasts will converge upon the prestigious boutique nestled in the exquisite Place du Grand Sablon. Pamela Hastry, a distinguished gemmologist renowned for her expertise, invites you to partake in an evening that promises to be as resplendent as the rare treasures it celebrates.


As the sun begins its gentle descent, the Gem Talk shall commence as the hallowed doors of Pamela's boutique swing open at 6:30pm, unveiling a world of extraordinary brilliance that lies within. We invite you to step into a realm where dreams and reality harmoniously coexist.


A sparkling glass of effervescent delight awaits your arrival. However, this is no ordinary libation, for within each glass, an astonishing surprise awaits. As the golden bubbles dance and shimmer, nestled within, lies a diamond—a symbol of unrivaled beauty and timeless grandeur. Each glass, a testament to the extraordinary, for only one shall contain a genuine diamond—the holy grail of this captivating affair.


Amidst the jubilant atmosphere, Pamela will meticulously assess the diamonds, their fiery brilliance captivating the room. Anticipation mounts as she prepares to unveil the fortunate soul whose glass holds the true gem, for one lucky individual shall emerge as the recipient of an extraordinary keepsake—a radiant treasure that shall forever bear witness to this illustrious evening.

Yet, beyond the ethereal beauty of the diamonds lies a deeper narrative—a saga woven into the fabric of human history. Allow Pamela to guide you through the corridors of time, as she illuminates the enigmatic myths and legendary tales that have adorned gems throughout the ages. From tales of passion and love to the profound impact of gemstones on the tapestry of war and intrigue, discover the captivating lore that has captivated hearts and minds for centuries.


Embrace the enchantment of the evening as you engage in spirited conversations and forge connections with the other guests. Immerse yourself in the storytelling prowess of Pamela, whose evocative words will transport you to distant lands and bygone eras. Explore the multifaceted world of gemstones, where their lustrous allure is matched only by the stories they carry, stories that have shaped humanity's fascination with these breathtaking wonders.


On this remarkable night, prepare to be captivated, enchanted, and inspired. Join Pamela Hastry, the gemmologist par excellence, and let the world of gems unfold before your eyes. For in this gathering, where opulence meets knowledge, you shall witness the extraordinary and forever become part of the diamond's eternal legacy.

Organise Your Champagne On The Rocks

Whether a corporate or club event, a lovers night out, a bachelorette party, or a wedding demand with witnesses - we are happy to create the perfect moment for any precious occasion.  Contact Pamela for a price quote which will vary depending on the number of participants, the choice of champagne and/or delicatessen. Also choose from the three different Gem Talks; Diamond, Corundum or Opal. 




40€ Per Person - Minimum 10 People




700€ Per Diamond - Champagne To Be Included

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