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A collection that never stops.

Create your endless bouquet of rings, ear studs

and jackets with this unique collection. 

Click on one of the Prêt-à-Briller symbols here below to discover the line!

Are you Prêt-à-Briller?

Each piece of jewelry is a unique interpretation of the symbolism of nature, thus eternalizing it through the art of jewelry. The "Prêt-à-Briller" collection embodies this vision by developing the founder's creative universe and merging modernity, freedom, nature, tenderness, and boldness in the choice of singularly colored gemstone compositions.


This contemporary collection consists of eight lines inspired by the symbolism found in French and Flemish floral paintings, characterized by audacious and ethereal romanticism. Morphée's precious and floral universe unfolds through elements such as buttercups, white or pink cherry blossoms, scarabs, four-leaf clovers, ladybugs, forget-me-nots, and golden wood.


The "Prêt-à-Briller" creations take you on an enchanted journey, capturing precious moments, memorable events, and intense emotions. The figurative interpretation of flowers and insects offers timeless freedom of expression, associated with the symbols of nature.


This extraordinary journey reveals rings, earrings, and pendants that can be endlessly combined, offering the freedom to express your unique essence by composing your own jewelry bouquet. Each stone is carefully selected by Pamela Hastry for its luminosity and symbolism, immortalizing precious moments and making them eternal.

Ready to Mix-And-Match?

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Medium Ladybug Ring
1,320 €

Be inspired, combine the precious 'Ladybug' and compose your own story...


Large Buttercup Ring
1,980 €
Small Clover Ring
860 €


Compose your own bouquet and express your true nature.


Large Pink Cherry Blossom 
Ear Stud
1,720 €


Are you Prêt-à-Briller ?

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