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Meet the Designer
- Design A Bespoke Piece -

Pamela Hastry specializes in the design and manufacture of unique high end jewelry. Her preference goes to rare and precious gemstones but most of all they tell a story, your story. After meeting the designer, she puts on paper your thoughts, desires and dreams and materializes them into a highly symbolic jewel. Morphée's motto: "Transform dreams into reality". The desire to capture feelings and ephemeral moments to immortalize them with what is most precious to nature and resilient in time; gold and gems.

During the Gem Talks she explores with you the most important steps in the acquisition of gemstones and she shines extra light on the different peculiarities of the rare materials. You'll discover from the possibilities of your favourite gemstones and how Pamela translates your wishes and ideas into a one of a kind jewel that suits you perfectly.

Morphée Atelier_3.jpg

Pamela Hastry
- Her Story -

Pamela Hastry's knowledge in jewelry has been built around multiple experiences. Belgian by birth, her story started in London, where she built a solid foundation in industrial design for four years at the University of Kingston. She then perfected her skills in Rome at the Istituto Europeo di Design, where she discovered the subtleties of jewelry, notably through the art of drawing. Paris then allowed her to explore the technical aspects of the workshops with training in the National Federation Haute Ecole de Joaillerie, which refined her manufacturing skills learned from the traditional know-how of great artisans. This has made Pamela Hastry a passionate artist who combines unique skill sets as a gemologist, designer and goldsmith.

In 2013, she founded Morphée Joaillerie. Her interest in the elegance of the arts, design and human nature feeds her creativity and offers a particular sensitivity in the making of her jewelry. Her creations combine style and finesse with a profane knowledge of precious stones and cutting-edge jewelry techniques. Elegance and history are the subjects at the origin of the uniqueness of each piece, conceived to embody the image of the owner.

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"Jewelry is an art that transforms the ephemeral into something long-lasting. A precious moment which, through a highly symbolic design, the exactitude of craftsmanship and the use of quality materials, will materialise into a wearable omen that extends the life of a moment into eternity."

Pamela Hastry

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