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Gem Talks
- Exclusive Events

Gem Talks are a delightful way to learn, to share a moment with loved ones, or to network with other aficionados. 

Pamela Hastry will initiate you to the world of gemstones. As a Gemmologist, she will explain to you the qualities and characteristics of gems, but also the scientific and technological advances throughout history which have developed the shapes and cuts of stones. As a story teller, you will discover the mythes and legends behind the curious lore of stones which have shaped history with passion, through wars and much, much more.

Available Gem Talks are on Diamonds, Corindums and Opals. Each presentation lasts around 2hrs and celebrated with champagne. A collection of gemstones will be gathered for you to discover and all necessary gemmology tools at your disposal. 

If you enjoyed your Gem Talk, why not top it off with a Champagne on the Rocks, accompany Morphée in the gem labs and workshops of Antwerp, or a full immersion in one of her Gemstone Adventures ?



Alexander the Great returned West, opening the first trade routes  for diamonds and with it the first myths and legends.


Saphires and Rubies run parralel stories throughout history, yet science unite them as one. 



Opals defy the science of gemmology and raise it to a nobel art, as it once used to be.




40€ Per Person - Minimum 10 People

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