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Morphée World Events

In December 2022, Morphée's esteemed gemologist, Pamela Hastry, received a prestigious invitation from the Club Royal des Gastronomes. The renowned gastronomic society sought her expertise to enhance their exquisite "Diamond & Michelin Star" weekend in Antwerp, and requested a "Champagne on the Rocks" with Boërl & Kroff held at the illustrious Michel star restaurant, "The Jane," owned by the talented chef, Nick Bril.

As the guests indulged in an extraordinary eight-course gastronomic dinner, the ambiance was further elevated by Pamela Hastry's presence. Her extensive knowledge of diamonds and their mesmerizing allure allowed her to curate an exceptional display of precious gemstones, each one carefully selected to complement the refined taste and aesthetic of the occasion. The sparkling gems, immersed in the effervescent bubbles in each glass of champagne, dazzled the attendees, adding an extra layer of elegance and sophistication to the already splendid evening.

The following day, Antwerp's diamond district beckoned Pamela Hastry, drawing her to its heart. Amidst the bustling streets and rich heritage of diamond trade, she had the honor of conducting a captivating Diamond Gem Talk. This exclusive event was organized for the esteemed members of both the Club Royal des Gastronomes and The Club des Etoiles, an illustrious association known for its appreciation of the finest aspects of life.

The Diamond Gem Talk became an enlightening journey into the world of diamonds. Pamela Hastry passionately shared her profound knowledge of these exquisite gemstones, revealing the captivating stories concealed within their timeless beauty. The members of the two esteemed clubs were captivated as they delved into the depths of the diamond's history, symbolism, and the intricate craftsmanship involved in bringing these extraordinary gems to life.

Amidst the enchanting atmosphere of the diamond district, Pamela Hastry's eloquence and expertise left a lasting impression on the gathered connoisseurs. Her ability to weave together the worlds of gastronomy and gemology created an unforgettable experience for the attendees. The Club Royal des Gastronomes and The Club des Etoiles expressed their gratitude for the invaluable insights shared by Morphée's esteemed gemologist, acknowledging her contribution as an integral part of their memorable gatherings.

These remarkable events served as a testament to the inseparable connection between culinary artistry, the allure of gemstones, and the magic that unfolds when such worlds converge. Pamela Hastry's involvement in both the "Champagne on the Rocks" evening at "The Jane" and the Diamond Gem Talk in Antwerp's diamond district further solidified her reputation as a distinguished gemologist, blending her passion for precious stones with her ability to enhance the finer aspects of life.

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